20 Things Women Do While They Are Cheating In A Relationship.

It’s the worst case scenario in every relationship, and it’s something that nobody should ever have to suffer the effects of. When your partner is cheating, it can scar you on a lot of different levels, forever changing your ability to trust people or be vulnerable around them.

We hear lots of stories about men who cheat, but have you ever wondered what the signs are when it comes to infidelity and women? How do women subtly hint at the fact that they’re cheating — and are their signs any different than those of men?

Below, we explore the things to look out for when a woman is cheating in a relationship, and some of these are less obvious than you’d think. From planning more time with her friends to constantly checking her phone, these might be some of the indicators that she’s gone astray. Hey, we don’t want to make you paranoid: We just want to make sure you’re prepared.

#1. If She’s Nagging You Non-Stop, Something Might Be Up.

When she is pointing out every tiny imperfection in the relationship, she might be looking for grounds to break up to be with someone else.

#2. A Sudden New Friend Might Be A Sign.

If you see unease on her face when she’s telling you about a new person in her life, it might mean something fishy is going on.

#3. A Sudden Interest In Your Day To Day Routine.

If she is constantly inquiring about your routine, it might be because she wants to work out a rendezvous without you knowing what’s going on.

#4. When She Seems To Be Preoccupied, She Might Be Thinking About Someone Else.

When you chat with her and she doesn’t seem like she’s in the room, she might be mentally lost somewhere, thinking about the possibility of a new relationship.

#5. When Confronted, She Stays Silent.

If you straight up ask her about cheating, she might redirect the conversation. She may also go silent, an indicator that something might be going on.

#6. If She’s Hiding Her Phone, Things Might Be Going South.

It could be because she doesn’t want her romantic messages from another to get discovered. Any sort of sneaky behavior like this is a sign.

#7. She’s Not Interested In Romance Anymore.

When sex or intimacy takes a back seat, things might be getting more intense in her other relationship. While breaks in $ex are normal, you’ll know when things are really getting weird.

#8. She Pays More Attention To Her Phone Than You.

Take, for instance, going out to dinner. If she’s hardly speaking and instead going for her phone and social media, it might be because she’s no longer interested — or she’s interacting with someone else.

#9. She Suddenly Got A Lot Busier.

At one point in time, the weekends meant that you’d be spending time together. But lately, it seems something more important to her comes up each week. That new thing might be a threat to your relatio ship.

#10. She’s Buying New Clothes Often.

If your girl goes into makeover mode, you’re going to want to take notice. Perhaps she’s planning to makeover her relationship as well.

#11. New Lingerie That Never Gets Worn When You’re Together.

Women buy lingerie because it makes them feel $exy, but be warned when those new skimpy duds aren’t showcased in the bedroom with you.

#12. Spending Less Time With Your Family Or Friends.

If a woman begins to detach herself from the family or your core group of friends, that might mean she’s cheating and doesn’t want anyone — especially you — to catch her.

#13. You Begin To Notice Emotional Distance.

It’s something that you can’t quite put your finger on, but it’s there: Something is different, and it makes you feel uneasy for reasons you can’t explain.

#14. She Doesn’t Answer Certain Phone Calls When You’re Around.

Sometimes, that might mean she doesn’t feel like talking. Other times, it might be because she doesn’t want you to know who she’s talking to. Finding out the difference is crucial.

#15. She Suddenly Becomes Dreamy, But It’s Not Directed At You.

If you notice her smiling and blushing like a teenage girl when she’s checking her phone or during random moments (but they never seem to have anything to do with you), it’s possible that she’s in love with someone else.

#16. She Now Enjoys Her Independence.

Perhaps when your relationship started, she was clingy. Now, she’s all about keeping her distance. This could be an indication that there’s someone else in the mix.

#17. If She Leaves The Room When The Phone Rings, Be Warned.

Going to the bathroom to answer the phone is odd, sneaky behavior, and might be a sign that she doesn’t want you to know who is calling.

#18. What Does When She’s Out Might Be An Indicator.

You will notice that she just isn’t as relaxed and focused as before. Perhaps she even has a wandering eye when you’re out in public.

#19. If She’s Not Afraid To Show Her Annoyance, Something Might Be Up.

If she’s constantly angry, the possible reason for that is that she’s now comparing you to the one she’s seeing on the side.

#20. If You Smell A Strange New Scent On Her, She Might Be Straying.

If you smell another man’s cologne on her body or clothes, this is when your alarm flag should go up, it might be a sign of unfaithfulness.

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